Original oil on canvas of a young Tom Billotto painted by Tom’s dad, Anthony Billotto, circa 1966.

Tom Billotto – acoustic guitarist and vocalist

More than 40 years of musical evolution incorporating an eclectic blend of influences have produced Tom’s precise and warm guitar and vocal style. “Charlotte’s Best” magazine voted him “Best Local Acoustic” musician… “Tom Billotto plays brilliant guitar and his mellow voice caresses many a song with sweet notes.

Tom’s repertoire is diverse and his sound is mellow and best-suited for easy-listening venues and events. At the heart of this sound is Tom’s finger-style guitar technique which uses the right hand to supply complex melody, rhythm and bass lines simultaneously. Formal music studies in college culminated in a Music Performance Degree in Classical Guitar and Voice. Further influenced by the genius of Chet Atkins and countless jazz and classical virtuosi, and with vocal idols such as James Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, a Charlotte neighborhood association’s newsletter refers to Tom as “…the finest professional acoustic guitar player in town…

Tom Billotto has passionately pursued a full-time music career for more than 40 years, averaging 150-200 performances per year in: restaurants; concerts; festivals; country clubs; private, corporate and fundraising events; wine rooms/dinners/tastings; weddings; radio and TV. Tom has performed with Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis, Hugh Taylor (James’ brother) and Telly Award-winning and Grammy-and-Emmy awards-nominated percussionist Jim BrockPlease click through these pages to meet Tom Billotto and his music.

“…I walked in there, and there was this guy named Tom Billotto singing, and I sat there for a while. The longer I sat there, the better he sounded. He was playing everything from Gershwin to the Beatles to Kenny Rankin.” 

Mike Collins / WFAE Radio

Photography by Gerin Choiniere and Christian Billotto.       © 2018 Tom Billotto. All Rights Reserved In All Media.