Tom’s latest CD, “All I Know,” features ten original songs, most of which pay tribute to people, places and events in his life. The CD showcases some of the Carolinas’ most talented musicians and appearances by two wonderful Native American artists. In addition, legendary percussionist Jim Brock produced the CD, performs on it and recorded much of it, as well!

Here are a few reviews of the CD:

What a beautiful CD! Fine jazz arrangements of these lovely and very interesting, thoughtful songs that tell his stories that, in turn, relate to ours. I love this man’s guitar playing and his mellifluous and mellow voice. The instrumentalists he has playing with him are absolute top notch; so good that you can play this over and over again and still hear something new and extremely tasteful. This artist has truly put his heart and soul into this CD…great stuff!” Review on

Beautiful melodies and lyrics. All I Know encompasses captivating instrumentals and vocals that tell heartfelt stories. “Early Clue”, an instrumental, was definitely a favorite of mine. “No You” is a prime example of Tom’s smooth vocal abilities. “Something New” is a “Samba-esque” number that had me swaying along with the tune… I loved it. And what a surprise with the Native American influence in “Toe To Toe”. Such diversity of music in one CD that all should enjoy.” Review on

Outstanding CD! Tom Billotto shows a very rich voice on all the songs, combined with a wide variety of styles. It’s easy to imagine Tony Bennett or Sinatra singing the first cut, James Taylor a couple others. “Toe to Toe” ends the CD with a wonderful beat, Native American flute and vocal. In all, a masterful performance!” Review on

Classy Choice. This CD is an eclectic masterpiece of tunes that features something for everybody. Upon first listening to it, it took me forever to hear the entire album as I kept hitting “repeat” on each song I came across. Having heard Tom play live numerous times, his soothing voice is captured beautifully on this album. My recommendation… Purchase, play and enjoy!” Review on


All I Know
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“His musical concentration was in classical guitar, and it shows in virtually everything he plays… He has that unique combination of a voice with excellent range, depth and emotion, and the instrumental ability to deliver more than just accompaniment… The consistency of his repertoire comes in his style and delivery which virtually anyone, knowledgeable musician or music fan, will find appealing.”

Charlotte Monthly Magazine

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